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  1. City of Branson Police and Fire Department Alarm Permit
    Please complete the following emergency contact information regarding your business or residential alarm.
  2. Alarm System*
  3. Video Surveillence System*
  4. Below, list at least three keyholders responsible for responding after business/residence hours:
    If you wish to list more than 3 keyholders, please use the comments section.
    Upon responding to an alarm/call/observance of an open door-window, or other evidence of unauthorized entrance at the above listed business/residence, I give my consent as owner, operator or agent of said business/ residence for the Branson Police Department to enter the above business/residence and search for intruders or evidence of unlawful entry. THIS WRITTEN PERMISSION IS BEING GIVEN TO THE BRANSON POLICE DEPARTMENT KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY AND WITHOUT THREATS OR PROMISES OF ANY KIND AFTER BEING MADE FULLY AWARE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO NOT HAVE A SEARCH MADE OF SAID BUSINESS OR RESIDENCE.
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