Sewer Collection

If you are having issues with your sewer service or witness a sewer overflow near your residence please call 417-243-2731, after hours call 417-334-3300. Please do not call these numbers regarding sewer bill issues.

For information on sewer connection points or development questions contact our Plan Reviewer at 417-243-2733.

If it becomes necessary to cut into a city street to make a connection or repair, a Right-of-Way Permit will be required through the Public Works Department. Public Works’ and Utilities approval is required before the permit is issued.


Our sanitary sewer collection system consist of 187.5 miles of gravity sewer main, 4,974 manholes, 38 public lift stations, and 4.95 miles of low pressure sewer main. The City of Branson is separated into two sanitary sewer systems which are the Compton Drive system and Cooper Creek system. These two basins consist of eight watersheds spread out though the area receiving sewer from citizens of Branson, Taney County and Stone County.

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