When creating and implementing a landscape design it must respect and enhance physical and natural qualities of the site and retain the positive qualities of the existing environment and shall be located to complement and conform to the site topography, rather than changing the site to accommodate a preconceived design.

The Purpose

  • To provide good visual appeal to buildings and paved areas through the use of trees, shrubs and plants.
  • To encourage areas of established native forest to be preserved within a project/development site and to properly protect preserved areas during construction.
  • To encourage, fund and staff a city program to replant trees and vegetation lost to land development activity and to fund acquisition of forest preserves.
  • To preserve healthy environmental condition by providing shade, air purification, oxygen generation, groundwater recharge, storm water runoff retardation, and noise, glare, and heat abatement through preservation of areas of native forest and installation of landscape.
  • To buffer uncomplimentary land use.
  • To require timely replacement of landscape components lost after installation.

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