Technical Services Division

The goal of the Division is to protect the lives and property of the Branson community and emergency personnel through fire code enforcement, public education, and fire cause determination.

The Division is responsible for commercial plan reviews for new and remodel constructions, fire and life safety inspections on existing commercial properties, fire and life safety public education programs, and fire investigations.  All of these programs are designed to help our community identify and reduce risk from an “all-hazards risk” approach.

Code Enforcement – New Commercial Construction and Remodeling

The City of Branson has adopted the International Code Council (ICC) Series.  Specifically the fire department’s plan review and inspections are based on the ICC International Fire Code (IFC), 2015 Edition.  From the IFC there are a hosts of referenced standards including the ICC Building, Electrical, and Mechanical Codes plus the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.  Additionally, the Fire Department has adopted amendments to the IFC that more specifically address fire and life safety topics in our community. Local fire code amendments can be found in Chapter 42 of the Branson Municipal Code.

All construction documents are submitted to the Planning Department located at City Hall.  This provides “one-stop shopping” to submit these documents, to apply for construction permits, and to pick-up approved permits.  The Planning Department routes documents to the appropriate Plan Reviewers in the various City Departments.  Construction documents are typically reviewed within 15 working days (Current Trends are 5-7 Days)

Fire and Life Safety Inspections – Existing Commercial Properties

The fire department personnel strive to visit commercial properties with higher risk 1-2 times each year.  This includes schools, health care, theaters, restaurants, lodging, attractions, and shopping.  Especially properties with specialized fire and life safety equipment including restaurant hood suppression systems, fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, and places with identified risk that may lead to a high loss potential of life or property.

Public Education

The fire department personnel present fire and life safety programs throughout the year from an All-Hazards Risk Reduction approach.  It’s not just presentations to reduce risk of fire but also fall and injury prevention.  We have programs that target just about everyone from school children, to residential fire safety, commercial business fire safety, lodging, attractions and the list goes on.  Contact the fire department’s Technical Services Division to schedule – remember, we have staff that work 24 / 7, so we can fit just about anyone’s schedule.

Fire Investigation

All fires are investigated by fire department personnel as required by Missouri Revised State Statutes.  Most all fires in the community are “accidental” in nature and this provides an opportunity to identify the cause of the fire and what we might do to help prevent it from happening again.  The Fire Department has certified Fire Investigators on staff and also can call upon the resources of the Missouri Division of Fire Safety to assist as requested.

Automatic Fire Alarm Permits

An Alarm Permit is required to be completed for all automatic fire alarms providing the Residence / Business Name, Physical 9-1-1 Address, and contact information for those responsible to respond to alarms. This includes fire alarms or detection equipment attached to home security systems. The permit is free of charge and can be filled out here.

Operational Permits

The Technical Services Division manages the plan review, permitting and inspections for required operational permits as identified in the International Fire Code.  These operational permits include:

  • Tents & Temporary Membrane Structures 
  • Fireworks Sales
  • Commercial Fireworks Display
  • Use of Indoor Pyrotechnics
  • Open Burning
  • Tank Removal or Set (propane, gas, etc)
  • Blasting

Click Here for an Operations Permit Application

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