How are the meetings organized?

Regular Board of Aldermen Meeting

 a. Call to Order.

 The Mayor will call the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

b. Roll Call.

The City Clerk will call the roll to establish a quorum in order to have an official business meeting.

c. Pledge of Allegiance 

 The Pledge of Allegiance is led by the Mayor 

d. Invocation.

A staff member will give the invocation.

 e. Public Comment

The purpose of Public Comment is to accommodate citizens who have comments regarding City business that the Board of Aldermen has jurisdiction. There is a 5 minute limit for comments unless 10 or more speakers sign up, then the time will be reduced to a 3 minute limit.

f. Consent agenda.

Consent Agenda items are routine items that the Board will vote on with one motion. There is no discussion on these items. They may be removed from the Consent Agenda at the request of a Board member for further discussion if needed.

g. Regular Agenda.

These items are the regular business items of the Board in the form of an ordinance or resolution. They may include presentations, annexations, codebook updates, zoning changes, bid awards and Board appointments. There is time allotted for public discussion for each item on the Regular Agenda.

h. Reports

Any reports by the Mayor, Board of Aldermen or City Administrator are given at this time.

 i. Adjournment. 

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