City wide Fall Cleanup set for week of October 4

The City of Branson Public Works Department will conduct its annual Fall Cleanup beginning Monday, October 4, 2021, a service the City offers at no cost to help residents properly dispose of large unwanted items that are not typically picked up by trash haulers to help keep Branson beautiful.

After changing to a drop-off-only format in 2020 due to COVID-19, the city will resume picking items up directly from curbs. The cleanup service is available for individual residents of Branson, but not for businesses or commercial entities.

The pick-up dates are as follows: 

  • Ward 1 – Monday, October 4 
  • Ward 2 – Tuesday, October 5 
  • Ward 3 – Wednesday, October 6 
  • Brush and limb pickup for ALL WARDS starts Thursday, October 7, and will take several days to complete

Which Ward do I belong?

To find out in which Ward you live, go to the “GIS & Image Maps” section on the Public Works/Engineering section of the City's website, BransonMo.Gov to see a current Ward Map.

Fall Cleanup Important Information

All items must be at the curb by 8 a.m. on the day of pick-up. Brush and limbs must be at the curb by 8 a.m. on the brush and limbs pick up start date. Limbs and brush do not need to be bundled but must be cut and stacked at the curb in manageable 4-6’ piles. No more than one dump truck load of limbs and brush will be hauled from any one residence.

Crews will not backtrack. City crews WILL NOT pick up any garbage normally collected by private refuse haulers.

What items will the city pick up?

City crews will pick up large, unwanted and difficult to manage items like old appliances, furniture and mattresses that can’t be picked up by residential trash haulers. For the pick up of exceptionally heavy items such as sofas or large appliances, residents are asked to submit the information using the “Report-An-Issue” form on the city’s website, at least 24 hours before their scheduled pick up day.

What items will the city NOT pick up?

City crews WILL NOT collect tires, electronics, batteries, bagged leaves or household hazardous waste products including paint, stain or cleaning supplies.

These items can be disposed of at the following locations:

  • TIRES: Taney County Transfer Station - 417-336-6589
  • BAGGED LEAVES: Hansen’s Tree Service facilities in Reeds Spring and Ozark - 417-272-8733
    • Hollister Recycling 417-334-6244
    • Tantone Industries 417-334-7447
    • Computer Recycling of Springfield 417-866-2588

For any questions regarding the Fall Cleanup, please call the City of Branson Public Works/Engineering Department at 417-337-8559.