Fireworks within the City of Branson

According to Branson Municipal Code Sec. 42-56, Fireworks may be purchased in the City of Branson from June 20 through July 10, however, they can only be discharged from 7 a.m. to midnight on July 3 and 4, unless otherwise approved as a special event. To read more regarding the seasonal discharge of fireworks, sales and displays, read the full Branson Municipal Code regarding fireworks.

Local neighborhood homeowners’ associations may have additional restrictions on fireworks. Contact your homeowners’ association representative to report any homeowners’ association violations.

Firework Safety/Fire prevention

Branson Fire Rescue some important reminders and tips to keep in mind this season when celebrating with fireworks. Read more about firework safety, including a list of commercial fireworks displays in Branson on the Branson Fire Rescue page of the City's website.

Animal Safety

The Branson Police Department would like to remind community members to be considerate of animals and neighbors while shooting off fireworks and to always keep safety in mind.

Animal owners should take extra steps during this time to ensure the safety of their pets. This might include keeping pets secured in a quiet room during displays, talking to your vet about medications that can help and make sure your pet is microchipped in case they get lost.

Report Illegal Fireworks

To report any illegal fireworks, call 911 or fill out a "Report a Crime" form.

News Releases

Posted June 17, 2021: Police & Fire Departments remind community of Branson fireworks ordinance

Posted June 25, 2021:  Branson firefighters encourage firework safety