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Welcome Message 

On behalf of the Branson Police Department, it is my honor to welcome you to our website. Our desire is that we provide you quality information relevant to your needs and insight into the great work of the men and women who make the organization what it is today. I encourage you to visit often and remain connected with the department and the many opportunities and programs we offer. The City of Branson and the Branson Police Department also maintain an active presence on many social media platforms; I invite you to connect with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Twitter and Facebook. 

The staff and officers of the Branson Police Department are committed to providing the highest quality police service available. Whether Branson is your home; you work here; or one of our millions of annual visitors planning to visit one of our family-oriented entertainment venues, our diverse retail shops, Branson’s great restaurants, or our area lakes; our goal is to provide a safe and inviting environment for you to experience all this great city has to offer.

The Branson Police Department embraces community-based/ problem-solving policing and we value the many relationships we have throughout the community. We remain committed to our community and believe open dialog and an engaged community are fundamental to our public safety mission. We welcome opportunities to partner with neighborhoods and community stakeholders to advance our City.

Again, thank you for visiting the Branson Police Department website. Our hope is you will visit the site often and connect with us on one of our social media sites. I encourage you to contact us with any comments or suggestions that help us provide better service to the community.

Thank you,

Chief of Police


Our reason for being is our community; so we hold ourselves to the highest standards in building and maintaining community trust and partnerships. We will always strive to enhance our community through a commitment to excellence, compassion and impartiality in all of our actions.


The Branson Police Department will be a source of pride for the community, exemplifying SERVICE, INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. We want to serve our community and to be the area leader in providing superior law enforcement results. We will accomplish this through dedication to our values, the community and each other.


Integrity: We will conduct ourselves with honor, always displaying honesty and striving to do the right thing.

Teamwork: We are a family. We will always strive to work together, contribute and help each other as we pursue our individual, city and community goals.

Professionalism: We vow to remain steadfast in our standards, utilize the best law enforcement techniques, and seek to continually improve ourselves and our services.

Service: We serve all, from our community to our fellow city employees, and no service is beneath us. If we are unable to help, we will do all in our power to find someone who can.

Compassion: We are dedicated to treating all fairly, equally and with respect, regardless of their circumstances, and seek opportunities to help improve their situations.

Accountability: We will always be trustworthy, by holding ourselves to the highest standards in all of our duties, responsibilities and actions. We will own our mistakes and learn from them.

Commitment: We commit to honoring our profession, providing excellent service to the community and always helping others by demonstrating each of these values.

Fun: We believe that a fun place to work results in employees that enjoy their jobs and creates stronger bonds with each other and our community. We strive for a family atmosphere that is respectful, encourages creativity, team-building, and allows our people to pursue happiness every day.

  1. Eric Schmitt

    Eric Schmitt

    Police Chief

Police Department

Physical Address
110 West Maddux Street
Suite 100
Branson, MO 65616
Administrative: 417-334-3300
Police Service: 911
Fax: 417-334-5530

Compliments and Complaints

Compliments are greatly appreciated and passed on to the involved staff. The entire staff of the Branson Police Department is dedicated to doing everything in their power to treat those we contact with respect and dignity.

Complaints are taken very seriously and investigated fully. Each complaint is reviewed by the professional standards unit of the Branson Police Department.

To generate a compliment or a complaint you may contact any member of the Branson Police Department. You can also generate this online, or by downloading this form (PDF)

To stay up-to-date on police department news and events, connect with us on social media:

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