Customer Liaison - Cody Stice

The Planning and Development Customer Service Liaison position was created to help Branson grow and expand! This position was created to help businesses open, expand, or build in Branson by providing resources and navigating city processes. The Customer Service Liaison will also advocate for the citizens of Branson when they interact with the Planning and Development Department.

Customer Service Liaison Goals:

  • Create a business friendly environment that encourages developers and contractors to build in Branson 
  • Change, streamline, and improve any outdated or cumbersome processes to benefit businesses around Branson ranging from small family run business to multi-million dollar construction projects. 
  • Move ideas from stakeholders forward in a positive way. 
  • Find opportunities for real change in how Branson cultivates business. 
  • Reduce barriers for contractors and business owners

Cody Stice

Customer Liaison

Phone: 417-337-8570