Outdoor open play for Pickleball is currently being held at Stockstill Park during the spring and summer.  Stockstill Park is located at 625 Stockstill Lane. The schedule is as follows:  

Day                                                 Level                                     Time                             

Tuesday                                        3.5 & Up                                6:00pm

Thursday                                      Beginner                               9:00am
 Beginners will be paired with an experience player to provide guidance

Thursday                                     OPEN                                     10:00am

**Friday                                       OPEN                                      6:00pm

 Sunday                                        OPEN                                      12:00noon-2:00pm  
Sunday                                         3.5 & Up                                 1:00pm

**Friday outdoor play unless FBC is open  

Monday night 5:30 KCMC Kimberling City

For more information, call Autumn Price at (417)699-5100 or click here to go to the Branson Pickleball Club Facebook page.