Water Distribution

If you are having issues with your water service or witness a water leak near your residence please call 417-243-2731, after hours call 417-334-3300. Please do not call these numbers regarding water bill issues.

Some issues to watch for in your water system include:

  • Cloudy/Milky White Color (Most likely air in water)
  • Discolored Water
  • Low or High Water Pressure

Neighborhood Waterline Rehab Presentation

Our water distribution system within the older subdivisions of Branson are showing signs of failure through multiple water leaks. Many of the existing water mains are operating beyond their standard life cycle. Along with the need to replace the existing mains comes the desire to upsize the water mains to provide better fire flow for protection of the residents. The presentation links below illustrate which subdivisions are in need rehabilitation along with an estimated cost.



Our water distribution system consist of over 100 miles of water infrastructure ranging from ¾ inch diameter pipe to 24 inch diameter pipe. We serve water to the heart of Branson, while private water companies serve water to the north (Public Water District #3) and south (Missouri American Water) portions of Branson.

Contact Numbers:

Public Water District #3 (417) 337-8451

Missouri American Water (866) 430-0820

Water Pressure Reducing Valve or Regulator:

Where water pressure within a building exceeds 80 psi static, an approved water pressure reducing valve conforming to ASSE 1003 with strainer shall be installed (by the property owner’s plumbing contractor) to reduce the pressure in the building water distribution piping to 80 psi static or less. Exceptions to this requirement are service lines to sill cocks and outside hydrants, and main supply risers where pressure for the branch-lines is reduced to 80 psi or less at individual fixtures.

For information on water connection points or development questions contact our Plan Reviewer at 417-243-2733.